Why we should speak out about our work (whatever our work is) and not stay quiet

I’ve had a ‘pedestal problem’ for a few years following an unnerving trolling event that messed with my confidence and my head. For ages I didn’t want to tell people about my work on social media because I was concerned it (the trolling) would happen again. Ultimately I was wary that someone would not like me. Daft right? I mean realistically that’s inevitable. There will be someone out there at some point that totally does not like my schizz. And it’s actually a bit of a gift tbh…..I know the type of person I repel (the angrily insecure) and to have that information is priceless (I know that sounds bizarre but it’s great info to have as my radar can feel the AngryInsecure circling from their nest before they’ve crapped on my head. It gives me time to pop the brolly up tbh).

I’ve learnt from my experience (boundaries are much tighter and radar a little more finely tuned) and I know that without singing about my work I can’t actually attract the clients I can genuinely support or the people that become true genuine friends. There will always be someone who doesn’t get me or feels affronted because I’m (mostly but not always) a jolly sausage who is passionate about therapy & mentoring. Someone may choose to be annoyed because they don’t like to see other people happy AND successful at the same time (I know! How dare we!!!). Being happy may be the trigger for someone’s insecurities because you’re doing what they feel they can’t and they don’t wish to see anyone else doing it. One of my closest friends is physically model-like stunning. Heads turn wherever she goes. She is a real natural beauty AND gorgeous inside as well as out. Funny, kind, compassionate etc. But she attracts the worst kind of jealousy. The most vicious type of hatred sometimes from people who have never spoken to her or got to know her. It’s fair to say she attracts people who feel insecure about their physical appearance. She is the mirror to their insecurities without meaning to be. She says that as a teen she was bullied relentlessly but now she stands tall and shines bright and doesn’t give her haters any energy. I admire her for this. She’s found her personal pedestal (which each of us have & deserve) and it doesn’t crumble under external pressure.
What about being a troll? I’ve met one. This person was adamant they were a feminist but relentlessly trolled other women for their life choices (clothing, parenting choices, professional status, where they lived, their beliefs). That ain’t no feminist sista! HELL NO! That’s just the AngryInsecure hard at work bulling one person a day to keep the pain away. Have you experienced any of this? Are you fearful of letting your light shine? Are you wary of stepping up and speaking out? Are you worried what people will think? Do you back off from standing on your personal pedestal and showing people who you truly are? Or are you the person who experiences insecurity when faced with someone you perceive as challenging to your status quo (not the rock band)? Have you ever trolled someone? Have you ever tried to take away someone’s happiness or be scathing of anothers perceived success? Do you find it hard to be supportive of others if they are shining in their own light? Do you bitch or badmouth directly or indirectly? Do you judge or experience jealousy? Maybe you’ve experienced a bit of both. Can you imagine getting to the end of your life and you hadn’t actually lived it for fear of what others would think or say about you? That’s bullshit isn’t it?! I tell you what…..you be truly YOU and I’ll be truly ME and let’s ROCK THE SHIT OUT OF THIS LIFE we’ve been given as FEAR FREE as possible and with love in our hearts for every other person finding their way and putting their bright light on. Lori X

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