My name is Lori Fitzgerald and I’m a…

  • Psychotherapist
  • Personal Mentor
  • Business Mentor
  • Creative Mentor
  • WellWoman™ Specialist
  • Mindfulness Practitioner

Im also…

…a brilliant survivor of some pretty crap life events and a rubbish cook (although I’m an alchemist when it comes to making the perfect hot chocolate, apparently). I’m also a mother, an occasional illustrator, an ex-stylist, a lover of good tattoos and a trainer obsessive. I am warm, friendly, honest and have a wicked sense of humour (I reckon). I’ve been supporting people to transform their lives in a variety of different ways since 1996 and I absolutely LOVE my work. I want to share with you a little about how I got here and what this means for you…

A London fantasia: psychology, art therapy and adventure

I didn’t enter the world of coaching and counselling through the standard route of formal counsellor training. Instead, I originally trained to be a psychologist and art therapist. During my heady student years in London I also temped as an architectural assistant, a PR manager, a project manager for fashion shows and a celebrity stylist (I know, pinch me…talk about all the great things to do in your 20s in a European capital city!). I also trained to be a volunteer counsellor with a sexual health charity – I worked evenings and weekends supporting people who had received, or who were expecting to receive, an HIV positive diagnosis. As you can imagine this time was tough and beautiful all rolled into one glorious experiential package. I learnt a great deal but I knew I had a lot more to learn…

New beginnings

I moved to Leeds (in beautiful Yorkshire) in the late ‘90s on the rebound from all the sorts of gubbins that a young person rebounds from. After a period of time spent sunbathing in a relative’s garden and recovering, I landed a job and worked for a charity which managed three projects for homeless young people. After that, I moved on to working in a ‘wet’ centre where I supported women with issues around alcohol dependency. Next up was parenthood…

A bundle of profound joy tinged with something uninvited

My first (gorgeous) baby arrived in 2001. My pregnancy was great fun but the birth itself wasn’t the ‘hard-work-but-joy-filled’ experience that I had hoped for. Although I loved my baby very much it wasn’t long before I realised that something wasn’t quite ‘right’ with the way I was feeling in myself. It turned out that I had what I now know to be ‘Birth Trauma’ (or ‘Post Traumatic Stress Disorder’ (PTSD) but instead I was incorrectly diagnosed with Postnatal Depression (PND) (this was all a bit of a bugger to be frank). What followed was a four-year search for good solid information about Birth Trauma (there was ZILCH), and a great deal of self-healing with support from family, close friends, a fantastic homeopath and a wonderful acupuncturist.

A design for life

In 2006, while finishing my Design Degree (I know, I love a good course), I set up the first Birth Trauma support group outside of London in the UK. I facilitated fortnightly meetings for other women (and their partners) who, like me, had experienced a perceived traumatic birth. By this point I personally felt healed, had no more signs of PTSD and was able to support others on their healing journey. This was a real game changer for me. Between 2006 and 2010 life was good. I had (& still have) my fantastic partner, my incredible son and I cruised along working in a few different marketing and design roles (remind me to tell you the very comical story about ‘the Boss from Hell’, aka ‘Mister Flasher’ and hear my guide to ‘avoiding bosses from hell’!). I also expanded my horizons abroad meeting fantastic people in far-flung places.

New life

In 2010 I found out that I was pregnant again and decided to look into what I needed to do to have a positive birth experience this time around. I was really surprised to discover that there were far more choices available to birthing women than I’d previously known about. I also found out that women had far more rights when birthing than I’d originally thought. This totally threw open (in an amazingly positive way) my personal life choices and changed the way I worked.


During my final months of pregnancy and my daughter’s first few months of general gorgeousness, I established – with support from a fantastic midwife friend and the BEST mentor a gal can have (an incredible supervisor called Susan Utting-Simon) – my small (yet perfectly formed) counselling service called LifeboostUK. I became a WellWoman and Wellness Coach-Counsellor going on to support women and men internationally with their lives, their choices, their psyches, their bodies and their health. Lifeboost became far bigger than the initial pregnancy and post-natal specialist support service I had anticipated offering. It grew to be an international psychotherapy service for adults who were coping with all sorts of emotional issues.

In Lifeboost’s first five years I supported (approximately) zillions of fantastic people. I realised that although someone books in to talk about a specific area of their life, 99.9% of the time they share with me so much more…I am trusted with their total gloriously vulnerable Self (that’s self with a big fat capital ‘S’). The work between therapist and client is intense, and clients would describe their therapeutic time with me as ‘transformative’. I bloody loved this word (and world) and this got me thinking…

Love my life….Love your Life™

In 2015, as a direct result of all this ongoing fabulous client feedback and after another 5 years of study finishing postgraduate qualifications in Psychotherapy and Life Coaching as well as programs in Sex & Relationship therapies – I decided it was time to combine this accumulation of a lifetime’s intensive study and personal life experiences. How? By blowing my business wide open and offering a genuine & honest personal transformation mentoring service for people who, like you, wanted to turn their lives around and live a life that flows with dynamic yet balanced authenticity and no more bullsh*t.

Therapeutic growth starts here….

In 2015, as a direct result of client feedback and after another 5 years of study finishing postgraduate qualifications in psychotherapy and life coaching, sex & relationship therapies, domestic violence advocacy & support, and mindfulness I decided it was time to combine this accumulation of a lifetime’s intensive study and personal life experiences. I wanted to really push my growing therapy business to also offer a genuinely deep & honest personal transformation mentoring service for people who, like you, wanted to turn their lives around and live a life that flows with dynamic yet balanced honesty and no more bullsh*t. Add some intense and mind blowing studies in compassion focussed therapy and I really hope I’ve created a gorgeous nurturing confidential place to start to explore the stuff you’ve got going on in your life.

And now….it’s over to you….

Choose from nurturing person centred counselling & psychotherapy, or a number of different transformative Love Your Life mentoring courses, or a Mindful Living project, or some creative professional mentoring, or a dab of art therapy, or a rich programme of WellWoman care….the choice is 100% yours :).

I would love to hear from you….

To book your free confidential 20 minute introductory session please fill in the private contact form here (or on the contact page) and I’ll get back to you with a warm hello and further details within 48 hour.

Lori x

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