My name is Lori Fitzgerald and I’m…

  • a psychotherapeutic counsellor
  • a coach and mentor
  • a mindfulness practitioner
  • a creative/arts therapist
  • an artist and illustrator

…i’m also…

…warm, friendly, honest and have a dark sense of humour as well as being a huge introvert when I’m not working. I love the practice of mindful compassion and taking everything at a pace that calms the nervous system and allows for a greater level of awareness in our lives. I’m also a neurodivergent therapist and I’m committed to the support of any adult who has, or is seeking to understand their neurodiversity.

…psychology, art therapy and more…

I didn’t enter the world of coaching and counselling through the standard route of formal counsellor training. Instead, I originally trained in clinical psychology and creative/art therapeutic practices. During my heady student years in London I also worked as an architectural assistant, a PR manager, a project manager for fashion shows and a celebrity stylist. I also trained to be a volunteer counsellor with a sexual health charity – I worked evenings and weekends supporting people who had received, or who were expecting to receive, an HIV positive diagnosis.

…returning to my roots…

In 1999 I moved back to Leeds (in beautiful Yorkshire) and accepted a role working for a charity which managed three projects for homeless young people. After that, I moved on to working in a ‘wet’ centre where I supported women with issues around alcohol dependency.

In 2006, while finishing my design degree, I set up the first Birth Trauma support group outside of London in the UK. I facilitated fortnightly meetings for other women (and their partners) who had experienced a traumatic birth.

…transformative times…

In 2015, as a direct result of client feedback and after another 5 years of study finishing postgraduate qualifications in coaching, sex & relationship therapies, domestic violence advocacy & support, and mindfulness and compassion focussed therapy I decided it was time to combine this accumulation of a lifetime’s intensive study and personal life experiences. I wanted to really push my growing therapy business and offer radical transformative humanist coaching alongside the psychotherapeutic work.

I know we will always have ups and downs and to work through everything with someone we trust gives us this gift of understanding. And to really understand ourselves supports us to accept the whole of our life/ourselves (including the good, the bad, and the ugly) and generates a level of awareness that can feel very freeing…..

This is called ‘turning towards’ and it’s one of the most profoundly loving actions we can undertake with ourselves.

…and now….it’s over to you…

Choose from nurturing counselling & psychotherapy, or a number of different transformative coaching courses, or some creative personal or professional mentoring, or a dab of art therapy….the choice is 100% yours 🙂

…i would love to hear from you….

To book your free confidential 20 minute introductory session please fill in the private contact form here (or on the contact page) and I’ll get back to you with a warm hello and further details within 48 hours.

Lori x