“I can honestly day it’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride! You use your time effectively and you feel like a freakin’ Jedi with all the productivity that is going on.  If only I really could get my tea to float over to me!
I have created space to look at what I want, I have Lori to gently pick through my ramblings and make me see my blocks, my successes, my talents, my ability to be me. This is hugely powerful, wonderfully embracing self discovery and the best investment you will ever make for yourself”


Do you give and give but have little space for yourself?

Have you ever wanted someone to be there, listen, understand and then support you unconditionally?

To totally assist you in tweaking the elements of your life that feel uncomfortable or neglected?

To feel calmer, more knowledgeable, more compassionate?

To get really curious and feel more ‘together’?

What can the therapy den™ personal mentoring programmes offer me?

You will be supported to have

  • An understanding of the stepping stones towards balance, happiness & a congruent life…serenity, regularity, wholeheartedness, sincerity, simplicity, veracity, honesty, equanimity, focus, patience, adaptability, humility, tenacity, integrity, nobility, magnanimity, charity, generosity and truth
  • A deeper insight into your Self, your identity, your ego, your psyche and your current lifestyle
  • The ability to identify and manage the blocks and fears that are holding you back from being your truly brilliant authentic Self
  • A deep and profound understanding of your physical responses and what your body has to teach you about your emotions
  • The knowledge of the language of bullsh*t and the language of truth (your own and other people’s)
  • Peace with your vulnerabilities, learning how to master the art of wholeheartedness
  • The ability to speak and act from the heart while understanding the role of your innate ‘gut feeling’
  • The skills to stop feeling overwhelmed and out of your depth while finding your true centre of being
  • The achievement of understanding love and how to live with unconditional love in your life
  • An understanding of how to listen, really truly listen to people and how this can benefit your own wellbeing
  • Mastered your own bundle of happiness that’s waiting for you right now
  • Clarity of your role in life, who you are and where you are meant to be going
  • Knowledge, appreciation and an understanding of mindfulness, mindful living and mindful self-care
  • The ability to overcome resistance to change and how to master welcoming change into your life wholeheartedly
  • An understanding of reality: yours, mine and everyone else’s
  • The ability to read people and understand who are the drains in your life (not good), who are the firestarters (interesting) and who are the soul soothers (yes to them folks)
  • Undertaken a complete reassessment of your emotional boundaries.
  • Undertaken a complete life de-clutter (including a real de-clutter of your environment if required)
  • Undertaken a re-charge of your sexual Self (caveat: I’m not ‘hands on’ during this bit…just making that very clear)
  • An understanding of forgiveness and why forgiving isn’t always the way (more on this in our sessions!)
  • An understanding of how to be selfish (yes, selfish!) and what self-care and self-compassion is truly about
  • Learnt how not to be a d*ck. Sorry but, there, I’ve said it. I’ll support you with this
  • Undertaken the most useful weekly homework you’ve probably ever had

What does the investment include?

Your incredible package of support starts with;

  • A 30 minute discovery assessment session (via Skype/Facetime initially)

Then….you start your personally tailored programme of mentoring support that includes;

  • Your in-depth ethical transformative personal mentoring 3 day personal assessment that will show us both the areas that require transformation and also the areas that require support
  • 60 minute fortnightly or monthly intense bespoke personal mentoring sessions for the duration of the programme.
  • Regular check-ins. 
  • Bespoke transformational ‘homework’ including any worksheets, literature & products you may require (as assessed)
  • Priority email and text access to me for the duration of your transformative time and up to 4 weeks afterwards.

There’ll also be additional email check-ins to totally and utterly make sure that you’re moving forward with a clear and realistic plan of authenticity and a life that is less stressful and hopefully rich with mindful care and balance. All of this will build up into a clear and honest package of support that you can reflect upon and return to (should you need to) for the rest of your life. This will be your own personal toolkit. It’s yours to keep.

Why is this different to other mentoring or coaching courses?

I’m completely honest and passionate about our work:

I’m offering you an honest, nurturing, empathic, dynamic, compassionate, authentic, bespoke & downright human package of support that is exclusive to my therapy and coaching business. You won’t find this anywhere else.

It’s an affordable 1:1 programme and they are rare as unicorns teeth:

It’s a 1:1 programme of nurturing support (most transformation mentors only offer group programmes or 1:1 sessions starting at £5k per day)

It’s a well researched and professional programme of care:

It’s taken me a number of months of organisation on top of a fair few years of experience as a therapist to put these family of courses together for you. the therapy den™ personal intense mentoring is incredible, feisty (yet gentle), honest (no bullsh*t), deeply nourishing and dynamic (yep, you’re definitely about to feel some ‘oooomph’).

It works:

Please read the testimonials or email me with any questions you have.

It’s all about you (and not an online ‘guru’ or ego):

You’re going to receive one-to-one understanding, support and insight over an intensive period and it’s all about you.

It’s multi-levelled and totally human:

Alongside your gentle reality check you’re going to receive a bespoke package of support led by you but handcrafted by me to gently support your life so you can experience more clarity, balance and depth in your life. We are not looking to turn you into a perfect robot but instead support you to be the best person for you in the life you have chosen to live.

You get the best of me and my training:

In one bundle of incredible transformation support you’ll receive your very own:

  • Wholehearted, Productive and Proactive Personal Coach
  • Empathic Counsellor and Therapist
  • Creative Therapist
  • No Bullsh*t Sex and Relationship Therapist

plus if required….

  • Personal Career Coach
  • Mindful Compassion Practitioner
  • Provider of Humour


Now, that’s a huge honest list of help.

Tell me more about the investment fees…

the therapy den™ personal mentoring programmes are priced at the lower end of the personal mentoring market as I want to make them as affordable as possible for you. That said I understand that they are an investment and with that in mind I offer a number of affordable payment plans if paying in full isn’t an option. You can find the full list of programme fees and payment plans here.

What are your legal terms and conditions?

Firstly let me reassure you that you have a 14 day cooling off period and we both sign a therapeutic contract that protects both of our rights and responsibilities.  But there is more. For a copy of the contract and the T&Cs please click here.

Accountability-Our Mutual Rights & Responsibilities

My therapy den™ personal mentoring programmes have been designed for people like you who are seeking support with a whole or partial life change on a deeper level. I do not offer a magic wand waving service (even though that would be lovely) but I do honestly and wholeheartedly offer you the best of me and my skills, qualifications and life experience. If you view me as a supportive and helpful catalyst to your mentoring journey then you’ll remain accountable for your own life throughout. We both sign a therapeutic contract which outlines our joint rights & responsibilities throughout the coaching journey.

To recap:

You will be accountable for your own experiential journey during the mentoring period and beyond but I will be there for you every step of the way to support, assist and guide as I am able to and based on the information you share with me and the time we have.

You will be responsible for the levels of commitment, integrity and honesty on your journey (including your commitment to the additional work set and agreed by us as well as the financial commitment as laid out via contract). I am responsible for working ethically, compassionately and professionally with you, supporting you through any blocks that you share with me to the best of my ability, and remaining non-judgemental, empathic and supportive regardless of your:

  • gender
  • religious or spiritual beliefs
  • cultural heritage
  • family background
  • life experience
  • current emotional or physical situation.


I aim to support and nurture you appropriately through change, discovery, and the bumps. I aim to help address human needs to the best of my ability in the time I have and with the information I am given.