“I am into the intense programme and I can honestly say it’s been one hell of a roller coaster ride! You use your time effectively and you feel like a freakin Jedi with all the productivity that is going on. If only I really could get my tea to float over to me!

I have created space to look at what I want, I have Lori to gently pick through my ramblings and make me see my blocks, my successes, my talents, my ability to be me. This is hugely powerful, wonderfully embracing self discovery and the best investment you will ever make for yourself”

Programme Description

This intensive personal coaching course is a highly nurturing yet dynamic solution for when you feel that you give everything and need to receive something nurturing back for you. Maybe you feel your life is a bit stuck, a bit like a ‘conveyor belt’, and you know in your very bones that there is something more out there for you.

The Therapy Den™ Intensive contains the best of everything I have learnt as a counsellor, coach, mentor, friend and human being. At the end of the programme you will have all the insight and skills you need in order to take your life forward with integrity, balance, compassion and a deeper understanding of your needs. You will never look back.

Aimed At

The Therapy Den™ Intensive is the first choice for people like you who are truly looking to totally go deeper and generate profound understanding of your life and feel deeply supported. This is a potential whole life transformation….wholehearted, courageous and compassionate. We work together to heal the past, assess the present and plan for the future. It’s a fluid yet strong combination of therapy and solution focused mentoring.

The Therapy Den™ Intensive is built around you and your deeply personal emotional & practical needs. Bespoke, empathic, dynamic and totally no BS.

Brilliant for

  • People looking to live a balanced, compassionate, passionate, and dynamically real life free of BS and full of deeper understanding.
  • People ready to look at, understand and make honest transformative changes to their lives within a supported professional relationship.
  • People ready to consider what having the most balanced, enjoyable, and realistic emotional life, love/sex life, career and family life would look and feel like.
  • People ready to live and explore loving their lives.
  • People who give and give but now need something nourishing for themselves.

What you need

  • A desire to invest in yourself.
  • A gut or heart based feeling that now is the time to seek support to experience more pleasure, balance, happiness and authenticity.
  • A knowledge that there is more out there for you and a desire to tap into that knowledge.
  • A willingness to turn towards the painful or uncomfortable areas of your life rather than turn away.
  • Trust in yourself (or a willingness to trust that I can help you find that trust).
  • A willingness to seek support.
  • Access to the internet and a working computer or a smartphone/tablet with Skype/Facetime.
  • A notebook or journal

Time investment

Regular hourly mentoring sessions (choose from either 10 or 20 fortnightly or monthly sessions) plus approximately 1-2 hours per week of deeper reflective work to invest in your programme with directed and self directed work for the duration of the course.

Financial investment

Please click here for a list of fees and payment plans.