I wrote this in 2015 on my Facebook page…..fans of Marie Kondo or Sarah Knight may like it 😁


I’m considering writing/lovingly creating a therapeutic mentoring programme called DeFuckering. This is on the back of reading and hearing what so many of you put up with on a daily basis that is NOT OKAY…..

Similar to the Konmari household possessions decluttering method (which my iPhone insists is ‘declittering’ btw) we work through aspects of our emotional and personal life and ask ourselves a) are they useful? and b) do they bring us joy?

And anything…..and I mean anything…that does not serve a very real purpose for you….from other people’s opinions of you, to bad sex, to draining ‘friends’ on social media, to crap work colleagues, to non-nurturing routine structures will be…DeFuckered or put in the DeFuckering bin…..(with my support, love and throaty vulgar cheers).

No more will your life be wasted on things that do not deserve your energy!

No more drains on your precious time!

No more pretending to like the people you feel bad about not liking!

No more crap sex! (Past the age of 21 there is no need for this…..promise)

No more dull conversations!

No more wearing clothes your Great Aunt Vera picked out for you from ‘that nice shop on the high street’ in Rhyl just to be polite!

No more worrying about your body, face, hair or VPL. Fuck that….

No more attending functions that bore the knickers off you!




It will be similar to the Konmari method, Rage Yoga, a 12 step programme (but with gin and cake) and winning a cage fight with a nemesis whilst wearing heels.

But at the end of it you’ll feel like a zen warrior goddess/god, 4 stone lighter emotionally, high as a kite and have time to do the things that are 100% authentically you.


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