As a child I used to think that you got to the really ripe dinosaur old age of 21 and then everything was great and problem free. No school bullies, no moody teachers, no mashed swede at lunches, and just endless Spam Fritters and playtime and Christmas.

I also THOUGHT that by the age of 21 I personally would have everything TOTALLY SORTED and probably be quite rich and totally zen swimming in my heated pool of pound notes and lemonade with not one care in the world.

Now I’ve found out recently that this is not the case. Bit cruel really. There is never really that point where it’s all ‘sorted’ but there are moments of brilliance at times…


And if you are reading this and thinking ‘shit, what about the promise of endless Christmases and life being all grown up and sorted???’ then all I can say is sorry that I’ve had to break it to you in this way but my understanding is that it doesn’t happen at 21 or 25 or 50….

Actually my childhood fantasy was all a big lie/fantasy.

But I do know that every now and again life feels genuinely sweet and in sync and wonderful and ‘oh thank gawd for this moment’…

And at other times we are just grateful for decent chocolate, the ability to just lie down and breathe, and good therapy.

Because unless you live in a bubble then we have to join in with life and that’s not always easy.

But if we consider all your life experiences and how we are still here reading this post and carrying on and breathing then we/you are BLOODY PHENOMENAL really.

I truly believe we all are….💛

Lori x