My promise to you is to provide you with the best of my skills, qualifications and life experience. I am 100% committed to you as my client and believe you deserve the most empathic, balanced and realistic transformation mentoring service available. I do not offer any gimmicks and I do not make promises I can’t keep. I also do not believe in charging unrealistic amounts for therapeutic, mentoring and coaching support but nor do I undervalue our time & also the work taken to be there for you as a priority.

The work undertaken is completely tailored towards your needs & requirements and is therefore intensive, therapeutic, transformative and of significant value to you. I also appreciate that everyone’s requirements & situations vary and with this is mind I also currently offer a number of payment plans for the higher priced Love Your Life™ mentoring programmes.

nurturing psychotherapy

£65 per hour.

See this service here

natal psychotherapy

£65 per hour (waged)

Means tested rates – please talk to me about what you can afford at this time. See this service here.

love your life™ 3 day self-discovery home study course


You can see the course, purchase and download from here.

love your life™ teaser

£1000 (including 1:1 sessions, books, worksheets and love).

See this course here

or £750 if you have undertaken the love your life 3 day self-discovery course. 

See this course here.

love your life™ intensive

£1800 for full 12 weeks (including 1:1 sessions, books, worksheets and love). See this course here

or £1550 if you have undertaken the home-study Love Your Life 3 Day Self-Discovery Course. See this course here.

mentoring and creative direction

£100 – £145 per session (depending on brief, regularity and scope of work).   

See this service here.

the wellwoman™ mentoring programme

£250 per month (minimum of 3 months). See this course here.

mindful living

£650 1:1 rate

See this course here

mindful business

£650 1:1 rate.

See this course here

interest free payment plans

for the love your life™ intensive and the love your life™ teaser

  • Plan 1: Pay in full (post-30 minute discovery session).
  • Plan 2: Pay in two x equal instalments (initial payment billed post-30 minute discovery session then second payment billed 30 days later).
  • Plan 3: Pay deposit of £250 then four mutually agreed instalments of the remaining balance, at mutually agreed and contracted time.
  • Plan 4: Chat to me-we can work this out so you can access any Love Your Life programmes in full and I can get paid without anyones head exploding.
Remember that if you have completed the love your life™ 3 day self-discovery course then you will automatically get a discount of £250 off of the love your life™ intensive or teaser courses as outlined above.
Please don’t hesitate to contact me at lori@lorifitzgerald.co.uk with any questions regarding fees/payments/course content. (Please note that the £250 discounts do not apply to any psychotherapy support or the mindful living or mindful business courses. They are cheap as chips already).
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