The Psychotherapist (2015)

Sketch for website

Afro Ipad (2015)

Sketch for website

Headphones Joy (2015)

Sketch for website

Dandelion Blow (2015)

Sketch for website

City Woman (2015)

Sketch for website

Attitude (2015)

Sketch for website

Red Lori (2016)

Yellow Lori (2016)

Scorpio (2016)

Virgo (2016)

Intrusive Thoughts (2017)

Part of a mental health series of 10 x illustrations.

Gemma (2018)

WellWoman Specialist & Stand Up Comic.

Mars Lord (2019)

Black Birth Matters Advocate & Campaigner, Doula, Speaker.

Frances (2019)

Singer, Actor, Baker Extraordinaire

Me Winking (2020)

Blue & Gold Line Study (2019)

Jules (2020)

Jules, woman of the woods, masseuse extraordinaire

Susan (2020)

Susan, counsellor, supervisor and bloody awesome woman. 

Bryony (2020)

Bryony, earth mamma and coaching powerhouse

Gemma (2020)

Gemma, photographer and entertainer of blonde children.

Katie (2020)

Katie, the community spirit and always in goals. 

Florence (2020)

Florence, future gallery owner but for now owns her own world. 

All 75 images can be viewed on Instagram

Thanks to everyone that took part in the project. 

To all the women who allowed me to illustrate them a huge hug for you.