“All my life I’ve had fears, anxieties and phobias. I’m ‘that’ person. Lori supported me to look at (she calls it ‘turning towards’) the areas of my life that felt uncomfortable and she stayed with me as the dark stuff came up. My experience is 6 weeks of tears (nothing terrible), laughter, love (she loves deeply does Lori) and then light. Sorry if that makes me sound a bit strange but when your life hasn’t had much light and then someone like Lori passes you a torch it’s worth talking about. This 6 weeks has been the biggest thing I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this woman”

Programme Description

This 45 day intensive transformative personal mentoring course is the shorter ‘sister’ programme to the original Love Your Life™ 90 programme.  As with the Love Your Life™ 90 this is a nurturing yet dynamic solution for when you feel that your life is stuck and you know in your very bones that there is something more out there for you.

Love Your Life™ 45 still contains the best of everything I have learnt as a psychotherapist, counsellor, coach, mentor, friend and human being but is a shorter programme which encourages people to look at one or two key areas of their life rather than a whole life transformation. At the end of the programme you will have all the insight and skills you need in order to truly live and LOVE the areas of your life that you have invested in.

You will never look back.

Aimed At

The Love Your Life™ 45 is the first choice for people who are looking to dynamically and compassionately change one or two key areas of their lives. This is a partial and specific life transformation….still as wholehearted, courageous and compassionate as the Love Your Life™ 90 but touching on the specific areas that you haven’t been able to look at previously.

It’s a focused yet strong combination of psychotherapy and solution focused mentoring. Love Your Life™ 45 is built around you and your personal and specific needs within a present arena. Bespoke, empathic, dynamic and totally no BS.

Brilliant for

  • People looking to discover, solve, make sense of and turn towards certain key areas of their lives that require compassionate, solution focused, professional yet nurturing support.
  • People ready to live and LOVE their lives.

What you need

  • A desire to invest in yourself.
  • A gut or heart based feeling that now is the time to seek support to experience more pleasure, balance, happiness and authenticity.
  • A knowledge that there is more out there for you and a desire to tap into that knowledge.
  • A willingness to turn towards the painful or uncomfortable areas of your life rather than turn away.
  • Trust in yourself (or a willingness to trust that I can help you find that trust).
  • A willingness to seek support.
  • Access to the internet and a working computer or a smartphone/tablet with Skype.
  • A notebook or journal.

Time investment

6 x weekly or fortnightly mentoring sessions plus approximately 1-2 hours per week of ‘Me time’ to invest in your journey with directed and self directed work for the duration of the course.

Financial investment

Please click here for a list of fees and payment plans.

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