“I was drawn to Lori as therapist as she offered a range of approaches to her sessions. I’d previously tried CBT and person centred counselling, however wanted a more holistic approach. I found I was particularly drawn to her soul work, mindfulness and really wanted someone who would push me to think about things in a constructive way. Initial sessions were incredibly insightful, I was able to make sense of many behaviour traits and through various exercises was able to reframe these in a more helpful manner. Whilst I initially sought help from Lori for a specific difficulty in my life, as my circumstances changed my work with her also developed. I lead a busy life juggling family life, relationships, children and work, my time with Lori allows me to have time away from these pressures and reflect on what is important to me. When you see Lori you get a woman who is truly interested in people, she has a wealth of knowledge, a huge inspiring bookcase and is also a bit of a laugh. The perfect combination!”

Programme Description

Counselling & psychotherapy is for you if you are experiencing emotional crisis currently, has some long-term mental health issues that you’d like to untangle or just need to talk to someone about something that is bothering you.

Person centred counselling can help you to make sense of who you are right now & the issues you are experiencing. As a therapist I strive to support any woman who requires emotional support – and seeks it from me. My therapeutic approach is holistic, humanist and nurturing. I believe that our physical and emotional states are intrinsically linked, and that our memories, experiences and beliefs can have a powerful effect on our bodies as well as our minds.

Currently I offer support to women over the age of 18 who may be experiencing a wide range of emotional difficulties, including but not limited to depression, anxiety & stress, fertility, pregnancy, birth and postnatal concerns, sexual dysfunction, career blocks, relationship difficulties, domestic abuse, grief, trauma, feelings of worthlessness, anger, rage, frustration and low self-confidence.

Aimed At

  • Any woman aged 18 or over. We all need time and non-judgemental space to work through our stuff. Anyone I work with will benefit from an extraordinarily blended practice, not only benefitting from my own therapeutic knowledge but also the knowledge of a number of different complementary and mainstream therapists in the UK if needed. This is for you if you are experiencing emotional issues that you’d like to explore on a slow and steady basis.

Brilliant for

  • All of us at certain times in our lives. Whether you are acutely emotionally distressed or living chronically with a mental health concern (that is appropriate for therapeutic support) then I can provide you with a nurturing and supporting space within a professional and confidential environment to explore your specific or general emotional issues and difficulties.

What you need

  • Nothing other than a willingness to seek emotional support in an honest way, a Skype or Facetime account, a comfy seat, and a good wifi signal. 

Time investment

  • One hour every fortnight, or as often as you need.

Financial investment

  • Please click here for a list of fees and payment plans.