Programme Description

This is for anyone who may require some strong creative direction and clarity in your professional or personal life. Maybe you like the sound of the Love Your Life Mindful Business programme but don’t fancy signing up for an intense business start-up course but…need some guidance, support and space to work stuff out creatively? Or just need a stand-alone session to work through a creative plan you have buzzing away around you? Or need some creative direction for a personal project? Or wish to build confidence in a creative space? This is the place for you.

Aimed At

Anyone who needs some creative yet grounded clarity in their professional or personal lives.

Brilliant for

  • Finding creative direction and clarity in the here and now in a no-nonsense/no BS space but with added nurturing and a friendly vibe.
  • Problem solving, confidence building and clarity.
  • Businesses that need a boost or a fresh set of eyes cast over them.
  • Personal projects that require creativity and confidence to grow.

What you need

A bit of time, a notebook, a creative (professional or personal) problem to solve and a willingness to seek mentoring support and be honest. Also access to Skype/Facetime. 

Time investment

A fortnightly mentoring session (45-60 mins) for the duration of the course. Approximately 1-2 hours per week of ‘Me time’ to invest in your journey with directed and self directed work.

Financial investment

Please click here for a list of fees and payment plans.