Programme Description

Like the sound of the Love Your Life mentoring programmes but don’t fancy signing up for an intense life changing course but…need some guidance, support and space to work stuff out on a flexible ad hoc basis? Or just need a stand alone session to work through the tizz in your brain/heart/soul (delete as applicable)? Or need to build confidence and explore something in a safe and confidential environment?

This is the place for you.

Aimed At

  • Anyone who need space to find the answers and direction you need at this time in your life whatever is going on for you.
  • Anyone who may need a combination of solution focused coaching and nurturing therapy on a session by session basis without signing up for a full Love Your Life personal mentoring programme.

Brilliant for

  • Finding direction and clarity in the here and now in a no-nonsense/no BS space but with added nurturing and a friendly vibe.
  • Sorting out career, relationship, general direction and getting curious about the areas of life that require clarity, confidence and honesty.

What you need

Nothing other than a willingness to seek mentoring support and be honest. And access to Skype/Facetime.

Time investment

One hour as often as you wish.

Financial investment

Please click here for a list of fees and payment plans.