“I was sent in Lori’s direction following the birth of my baby by a friend who recommended her wholeheartedly. I’m so glad she did because after only one session, Lori managed to tap into how I was feeling and exactly what I needed. She is warm, funny and instantly put me at ease. More than that, she knows what she is doing. She helped me face the difficult emotions I was experiencing and gave me strategies which helped build a way forward. I recommend Lori unreservedly.”

Programme Description

Natal Psychotherapy is a nurturing and compassionate therapeutic practice aimed at any woman (& partners) who may be living with concerns, anxiety, trauma (PTSD), grief, sadness or confusion around fertility, pregnancy, birth or regarding their post-natal experience.

This is a safe and confidential space to be heard and emotionally held. This is the place to offload and be cared for emotionally. This is the place where the nurturer can be nurtured.

Aimed At

Anyone needing to talk about fertility, pregnancy, birth or their post-natal experiences. We all need time and non-judgemental space to work through our stuff. As with nurturing psychotherapy anyone I work with will benefit from an extraordinarily blended practice, not only benefitting from my own therapeutic knowledge but also the knowledge of a number of different complementary and mainstream therapists in the UK including midwifery and doula support if needed.

Brilliant for

  • People who need a nurturing space to be supported and heard where perhaps they feel they haven’t been previously.
  • People who have had a birth or postnatal experience they perceive as traumatic or distressing.
  • People who are experiencing fertility issues.
  • People who have miscarried or have experienced child loss.
  • People who would like support with planning a nurturing pregnancy, birth or post-natal experience.
  • People who would like access to a wide range of natal information.
  • People who have a story to tell and aren’t certain who to tell.
  • People who like comfy sofas, cushions and tea.

What you need

  • Nothing other than a willingness to seek emotional support in an honest way. You can visit me at my therapy room in North Leeds for face to face support or we can work online via Skype/Facetime if you would prefer.

Time investment

One hour as often as you need.

Financial investment

Please click here for a list of fees and payment plans.