My name is Lori Fitzgerald and I’m a…

  • Psychotherapist
  • Personal Mentor
  • Business Mentor
  • Creative Mentor
  • WellWoman™ Specialist
  • Mindfulness Practitioner


Essentially through nurturing and compassionate counselling, mentoring and coaching programmes of care, I support people just like you to:

  • know yourself
  • transform
  • manage change
  • deal with life’s blocks and challenges

But, my biggest goal is to support you to not only become a more self-aware, curious and self-compassionate version of yourself but to truly enjoy and love your life. Working together, I aim to introduce you to the feeling of having a life that flows and where you are able to live wholeheartedly and healthily with physical, emotional and mental balance.


I’m currently based in the UK (in Leeds) and work with clients (that are able to visit me) face to face or internationally via Skype/Facetime.


Depending on what you’re looking for, I offer four main types of support:

The WellWoman™ Programme of Care

Programme description: This is yoga for the psyche. A straightforward, pragmatic yet nurturing mix of empathic personal counselling, solution focused mentoring and female focussed contemporary health coaching that aims to ensure you are firing on all cylinders mentally and emotionally as well as physically.

For more information about the WellWoman™ Programme of care please click here.

Love Your Life™ Personal Transformation Mentoring

Programme description: These intensive transformative personal mentoring programmes are a nurturing yet dynamic solution for when you feel that your life is stuck and you know in your very bones that there is something more out there for you. For more information about the various Love Your Life™ mentoring programmes please click here.

Nurturing Psychotherapy

Therapy description: Psychotherapy is for you if you are experiencing emotional crisis currently, have some long-term mental health issues that you’d like to untangle or just need to talk to someone about something that is bothering you. My one-to-one personalised and nurturing psychotherapy can help you to make sense of who you are right now & the issues you are experiencing.

For more information about Nurturing Psychotherapy please click here.

For Natal (Fertility, Pregnancy, Birth & Postnatal) Therapy please click here.

Love Your Life™ Mindful Courses

Programme descriptions: I currently offer a 12 week Love Your Life™ Bloody Useful Mindful Business course which will support you to set up a compassion rich AND cash rich business. For more information please click here.

I also offer the gorgeous Love Your Life™ Mindful Living course which will see you undertake a 12-week guided reflective practice that will support you to tweak and finely tune your way of being so you can authentically understand your own innate mindfulness & have a greater awareness within your own life experience. For more information please click here.

Talk with me

Not sure what you need but know that you need something?

Talk with me. Why don’t you book a FREE 30 minute session with me so you see/hear me and find out much more? Let’s chat about your needs as you see, feel and believe them to be. We can agree on a fantastic level of support for you at this time in your life. There is a whole chocolate box selection of therapeutic support for you to choose from. Just get in touch via my confidential contact form.

Love Your Life 90
Love Your Life 45
Love Your Life 3-Day Self Discovery Course
Love Your Life Nurturing-Psychotherapy
Love Your Life Natal-Psychotherapy
Love Your Life Mindful Living
Love Your Life Mindful Business